Thursday, October 8, 2015


If you hate telemarketing calls at home (I certainly do), just think about that hard sell in a foreign language. I get about 3 calls a day on my cell phone -- mostly from TataSky (our satellite TV provider)  and Vodafone (mobile phone).

About half of them are robo-calls -- easy to hang up on. The Bollywood beat when you connect is a dead giveaway. The others have a real person on the other end. I ask to speak English, but most of the callers haven't any idea what I'm asking for. Even if I get an English speaker, I usually have trouble following the pitch -- sometimes I can't even figure out who the company is. I usually just hang up. Then I get an SMS -- "You just spoke to 'Mike'. Please rate our service." No answer from me there either!

Nice to know that some annoyances are universal!

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