Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Around Paro

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Our last day in Bhutan -- we visited a number of interesting sights in the Paro area. The Paro Dzong and National Museum are the topic of the next post.

Rice has been harvested, and cattle are turned out into the fields to eat the stubble and provide fertilizer.
A view of Paro town from the Paro Dzong.
In the afternoon we watched a plane (yellow arrow) land at the Paro airport. The plane comes down the valley and makes a sharp turn before landing, and is well below the mountains before it comes into sight.

Pena Lhakhang (Temple)

The Pena Temple is perhaps the oldest temple in Bhutan. We made an offering of snacks, lit butter lamps, and received a blessing from the temple master.
The orange tree in the temple courtyard reportedly bears fruit year-round.
A line of prayer wheels at the temple.
Cat in the temple courtyard.

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