Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Kite Day

Today is "Kite Day" -- it's a school holiday and everyone is flying kites and smiling. Loud music is booming from many rooftops -- until the frequent power failures cut the sound off. Kites have been landing on our roof and walls since early December, but it got "serious" this week!

About a week ago, kite booths were set up along the bazaar boulevard -- where the usual fare is lots of produce. We've been told that some families make their entire year's income this week. For 51 weeks they make kites, and then they sell, sell, sell, for one week.

It's difficult to capture the in-air kites in either a photo or a video, but here's an attempt:

They're much easier to photograph when they come back to the ground! (Or at least close to the ground.)
Many kites end up in trees and power lines. Run-away kites are picked up and collected by children who end up with an armful by the end of the day.
Night brings its own special sights.

Candle-lit hot-air balloons are released in the evening.
Each of those red dots is a hot-air kite. There were dozens in the air at one time. Probably hundreds over the course of the evening.

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