Monday, January 27, 2014

"Landscaping" -- Part 1

The Big Picture

(such as it is with a small plot)

In India, most "landscaping" is done with potted plants on terraces and walls. Most living units have no "yard". We have a small yard of hard-packed soil that I would like to fill with green. The best time to plant is just before monsoon -- gives the plants three months of rain to get started.

I can't identify much of what I purchased -- there are no labels on the plants! I planted a row of "annuals" that are largely hidden by the pots. But I suspect that impatiens, marigolds, and begonias are not "annual" here, but grow year-round if watered.
The family that does our outside maintenance and I disagree on gardening and landscaping practices. As you can see, the garden is mostly "scorched earth". There was a nice cover of leaves and some "volunteer" plants coming in, but one morning I came back from our Hindi lesson, and everything had been efficiently cleaned up. I'll just have to adapt, I guess.

The bright orange pots are new ones that I bought. The brown ones were on the property when we moved in, but had nothing growing in them.

As you can tell, these are not the main steps up to our porch. But they make a good place to put some plants.
I've got four lonely plants along the wall on the right side of our parking area.
To match our neighbors, I'd need three times as many plants as I have!

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