Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sunday Miscellany

An un-themed set of recent photos.

Today we walked to Daman Gate -- the checkpoint between Gujarat state and the Union Territory of Daman -- about 5 km down the road. Daman is a former Portuguese colony on the Arabian Sea, taken over by India in the early 1960's. It still retains much of its Portuguese character, but is mostly notable for alcohol that is available and abundant, right next to dry Gujarat.

Our very shy neighborhood feline. It was climbing the tree outside our kitchen window this morning, but quickly left when it realized that we were watching. I'm surprised there aren't more cats around here, given the abundance of potential prey (i.e. rats).
Three weeks ago this mostly-empy plot held the big tent for the Hindu gathering (see "This Week in Vapi" ). Now it's the favorite spot for dogs to take a nap.
When I took my pedometer out of my pocket one day last week, it greeted me with "hello". Of course, I was looking at it upside-down:

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