Friday, November 6, 2015

Bandhavgarh Birds

Our objective was to see a tiger or two, but that wasn't to be. But we did see an astounding variety of birds.

Among the largest of the birds we saw is the lesser adjutant stork -- a close relative of the marabou stork we saw in Tanzania.
This small owl blended in perfectly with the tree bark. I think it's one of the scops owls, but like most of these birds, full identification will have to wait until I get my bird book back -- it's in our sea shipment, and probably won't arrive until February.
A different species of stork? Identification awaits….
We saw a number of these impressive eagles. I think it is a crested serpent eagle.
There are three species of parakeet in Bandhavgarh. This is the ubiquitous rose-ringed parakeet that we have seen throughout India.
The plum parakeet has a brilliant a rose-colored head.
The Indian roller doesn't look too impressive just sitting in a tree, but ….
… in flight the iridescent blue wings are a show-stopper.
Another bird awaiting identification.
And another one I haven't identified (yet).

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  1. That last one looks like a shrike, maybe? We need Jairaj here to ID these!