Friday, November 6, 2015

Kanha Birds

Birds, birds, and more birds!

Two scops owls blending into tree bark. I could have looked at this all day and not seen the owls.
A brown wood owl (so we were told, but it isn't on my checklist. Gotta wait for my bird book to come on the "slow boat".)
Crested serpent eagle.
A grey-headed fish eagle. I had hoped that my photos of this bird would have come out better -- but it was difficult light to focus in. I loved the all-white legs.
The ever-present lesser adjutant stork.
Black stork?
An egret with a "goodie" in its bill.
This kingfisher looks to be eating a dragonfly.
A cormorant and an Indian pond heron.
A solitary grebe.
All of a sudden, two grebes rose up from the pond waters.
Peacocks were everywhere.
Peacocks were especially iridescent in the early morning light.
Hoopoes were quite common.
Another hoopoe.

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