Monday, February 8, 2016

On the Way to Sri Lanka - Doha

We're on a two-week tour of Sri Lanka -- just can't keep away from South Asia!

There's not much choice when flying into Colombo, so we flew Qatar Airways and changed planes in Doha, Qatar. Doha would clearly like to become another Dubai. Here are some pics of Hamad International Airport.

A huge yellow teddy-bear-like sculpture(?) dominates the main lobby.
The next thing you notice is the huge playground slide sculpture.
There are more playgrounds scattered through the concourses.
The large number of public-access iMacs makes parts of the terminal look like an Apple Store.
A large stuffed camel in the duty-free store. (Large for a stuffed animal, that is, but small compared to a real camel.)
The setting sun.
The sun went down quickly.

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