Friday, February 12, 2016

Sri Lanka - Part 6 - Inurumuni Vihara and Kaludiya Pokuna

Inurumuni Vihara is a small monastery in Anuradhapura.

Inurumuni is known for it's carved artwork. This large elephant portrait looks particularly contemporary
The Vihara is dominated by a granite outcrop. Here a small garden has been planted between two boulders.
Stairs wind their way up to the top of the boulder and a stupa. Some of the rocks are precariously positioned.
A stick has been placed to make it look as if it is holding up the boulders in the previous picture.
For our last stop of the day, we went to tranquil and rarely-visited Kaludiya Pokuna (literally "blackwater reservoir").

The pokuna is nestled between several mountains. There are a number of ruins in a very peaceful setting.
Frangipani ("champas") flowers in crevices in a boulder.
Turtles were basking on a rock near the shore.
This monkey looks like he has a toupee worthy of The Donald (Trump).

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