Thursday, September 29, 2016

Malta - Valletta

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

We arrived in Valletta, Malta, this morning, and then spent the day exploring this beautiful city.

We came into Valletta at sunrise.
A good comparison between our ship (right) and an average cruise ship (left). When we were in Civitavecchia, we saw the world's largest cruise ship, Royal Caribbean's Harmony of the Seas (below).
Royal Caribbean's Harmony of the Seas in Civitavecchia harbor. The ship typically has 5700 passengers!
As an old city, Valletta is full of narrow streets.
Casa Rocca Piccola was the first house in Malta to have electricity. This painting commemorates the bringing of electricity to Malta!
Kiki the parrot greets visitors to Casa Rocca Piccolo.
It would be difficult to match (much less exceed) the excessive opulence of the Co-Cathedral of St. John in Valletta.
One of the chapels in the cathedral.
St. John's Co-Cathedral.
St. John's Co-Cathedral

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