Friday, September 30, 2016

Rome - Art & Music

Saturday, 24 September 2016

One could argue that art and music are everywhere in Rome -- on the streets, in the churches, in the galleries, literally everywhere. Today we visited two sites specifically for art and music.

Villa Farnesina

We were drawn in by the promise of frescoes by Raphael. There was so much more.

A ceiling fresco
This is only a small part of the walls in what was the main bedroom. I think this might keep me awake!
This stood out as the only monochrome fresco in the villa.
Not real drapes, but "trompe d'oeil" painting. The villa was filled with painted millwork and textiles. Painting was cheaper than wood!
In the "Perspective Room" wall paintings looked like major vistas of 16th Century Rome.

Sant'Agnes in Agone

The church does not allow photography, but we attended a concert of Italian opera arias, and for some reason they allowed photographs at the concert in the church sacristy.

Pianist, soprano, and tenor for the concert of Italian opera arias in the sacristy of Sant'Agnes in Agone.

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