Thursday, September 29, 2016

Sicily - Syracuse

Monday, 19 September 2016

We started the day in Syracuse with a tour of the old city on the island of Ortigia. Following that, we spent some time at the nearby Archaeological Park.

Since this is the oldest part of the city, the streets are narrow.
Piazza Duomo. The Duomo is on the left, St. Lucy's Church is at the end of the piazza.
Duomo di Siracusa ("Syracuse Cathedral")
St. Lucy atop the Duomo.
The door of St. Lucy's Church.
Looking to the inside courtyard of the Commune di Siracusa (Syracuse City Hall) on the Piazza Duomo.
Open door and two cats.
Greek theater in the Archaeological Park.
Romans and Christians turned the back of the theater into a necropolis. During the Middle Ages this area was the site of workshops and businesses such as tanneries and mills.
Water was brought into the theater area via a 7-km long tunnel.
Mt. Etna was visible as we made our way by bus to the town of Piazza Armoria in the center of Sicily.

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