Thursday, April 13, 2017

Dogs & More

April 2017
I am too much of a dog lover -- that can make living in India disturbing.

A not-so-healthy dog in Udawada. At first I thought he was suffering from “Vapi pink dog syndrome” (i.e. laying down in red dye effluent), but it appears he has just lost his fur and the pink is his skin. On the other hand, this dog was not having any difficulty getting around.
Another not-so-healthy dog, in Bandra. A lot of dogs in Bandra have green collars. I assume this means that they have been given some sort of care (spay/neuter?), but they are definitely not someone’s pet.
Not all dogs are in poor shape. This one was enjoying the rocks on the Bandra Bandstand.
And it’s not all dogs. This is Sachin’s daughter with her pet squirrel. (Sachin was our driver when we lived in Vapi.)

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