Saturday, April 15, 2017

More Bandra

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

India is constantly under construction and/or renovation. Right now the Bandstand is being repaved.

I didn’t remember that the Bandstand had “ghats” (steps) going down to the sea. I remember it as having a wall that people climbed over to get to the water. Regardless, the path at the right of the photo above is currently being resurfaced.
Paving slabs ready to go.
When I first came to India, I would not have known that the corrugated metal sheets at the left were construction worker housing. This is where the workers live while installing the paving blocks on the Bandstand promenade.
I understand the sentiment here, but when your “house” is merely a shack on the road with no “facilities”, this sign is pretty much ignored.
This woman is doing the family laundry by slapping the clothes on the rock. This is the traditional Indian method of washing clothes. Sometimes, the clothes are beaten against the rock (or concrete slab) with a wooden bat. I’m amazed at how well fabrics hold up to this treatment.
Clothes laid out for drying -- practically underneath the “No laundry ...” sign.

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