Saturday, April 15, 2017

Our Indian Family

April 2017

We’ve got pictures of friends sprinkled throughout this blog, but here’s a selection from the last week-or-so.

Sachin (left) was our driver when we lived in Vapi. He’s also been our driver for the last 12 days. On the right is Savita, who was a secretary at WestRock in Morai, but now lives in Mumbai.
We always have a visit with Sachin’s family before we leave India. (Conveniently, he lives near the International Terminal.)
Sachin’s sister and her husband live in Daman, near Vapi.
Sachin’s sister tutors children for their semi-annual exams. (Tutoring is called “tuitions” in India.) Currently, it is board exam time. Everyone was studying. Summer break for most Indian schools is late April through early June.
Paromita and family -- friends from Vapi.
We’re missing many more. Many times our camera didn’t get used for photos, so I’m waiting (hoping) that we’ll get a few more via “What’s App”. When (if) I do, I’ll add them here.

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