Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Moti Daman

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Even though Moti Daman (the part of Daman that is on the south side of the Damanganga River -- the part on the north side is Nani Daman) is only 10 km from Vapi, we’d never had the opportunity to spend some time there.

Most of Moti Daman is enclosed in a 16th Century Portuguese fort. The “land gate” was protected by a moat, and the door had elephant spikes (photo on right).
A short distance straight through the fort is the “sea gate”, which opens onto the beach. This gate was far less fortified.
Fishing boats just outside the fort where the Damanganga River meets the Arabian Sea. Nani Daman is visible on the other side of the Damanganga.
The outside of the fort wall.
The Bom Jesus Cathedral is near the land gate. Its unassuming exterior belies a richly decorated interior. Unfortunately, photography is prohibited inside the church.
Brightly painted houses along the main street inside the fort.
A street with banyan trees. (Those are roots coming down from the branches.)
It is possible to walk along a good bit of the top of the fort walls. Here is the old lighthouse (right) and the modern lighthouse (left).
In front of the old lighthouse.
Sachin (our driver) and Lon at a cannon emplacement facing the river.

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