Monday, April 3, 2017

Gwalior Fort - Part 2 - Temples

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

As a full-service location, Gwalior Fort has several temples.

The first two are side-by-side and known as the “Saas-Bahu Temples”, or Mother and Daughter-in-Law Temples.

The larger Saas Temple.
The Saas Temple as seen from the side. The left end is a modern reconstruction of the ruined garbhagriha (sanctum).
The elaborately carved interior of the Saas Temple. The triangular supports are modern additions that hold up the ceiling. (Note the large cracks above the supports.)
Right next to the Saas Temple is the much smaller Bahu Temple.
The interior of the Bahu Temple is much simpler and seems to be mostly a place for women to sit and relax in the shade. The sanctum has been totally destroyed by Muslim invaders in the 12th century.

Near the Saas-Bahu Temples:

The area near the Saas-Bahu Temples had fossils in the sandstone (limestone?).

On the other side of the fort is the taller and older Teli ka Mandir.

Teli ka Mandir (literally, “Teli’s Temple”)

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