Sunday, April 2, 2017

Khajuraho - Part 2

Monday, 20 March 2017

“Trigger Warning”: Here comes the “X-Rated” content.

While there are plenty of sexually-explicit scenes on the exteriors of the temples, they are a small part of the overall awesomeness of the architecture and artwork. The meaning and intent of the panels are still debated by archaeologists, but it is clear that the most explicit sculptures are on the lower tiers, while the upper tiers get less and less lusty as they get closer to the gods on high.

Three tiers of panels from the Lakshmana Temple.
A closer view of the bottom center panel.
An orgy panel, Lakshmana Temple.
In the background, an onlooker is obviously embarrassed, but still keeps her fingers parted to see what’s going on. (Lakshmana Temple)
A well-behaving elephant whose handlers are paying attention. (Lakshmana Temple. Also note the streaks of purple in the sandstone.)
But when the handlers turn their attention elsewhere, the elephant misbehaves as well. (Lakshmana Temple)
A panel from the Parshvanatha Temple in the “eastern group”. This is a small Jain temple that stands much lower to the ground, so it is possible to get much closer to the sculptures to appreciate the fine level of detail.

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