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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

After a wonderful lunch at a small, but locally well-known, taverna, we toured the area of Amphipolis, another city along the Via Egnatia. Amphipolis is a relatively large area bounded on three sides by the Strymon River. Amphipolis has an archaeological museum and several archaeological sites. There is also a large royal tomb at Kasta that is not open to the public, and there is promise of great discoveries to come from this site.

This stele (grave stone) from a Roman grave (in the archaeological museum) has an interesting set of faces.
An item in the archaeological museum. It looked very contemporary to me.
The remains of wooden posts for a bridge across the Strymon River.
The north wall of ancient Amphipolis.
Another section of the wall.
The Lion of Amphipolis is arguably the most accessible artifact in the area. It was found in pieces in the river, then pieced back together and placed on a new pedestal. It's impressive.
A closer look at the lion's head
This photo of our tour group gives a feeling for the size of the monument.

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