Saturday, June 10, 2017


Thursday, 1 June 2017

We spent our last day in Greece on the waterfront in Sounion -- the tip of the Attic peninsula south of Athens.

Lake fog in Ioannina delayed our flight to Athens by an hour and a half.
The new bridge that connects the Peloponnese to the Greek mainland at Rion.
We took the scenic drive along the Aegean Sea to Sounion. We ate lunch at a taverna with a great view of the Temple of Poseidon -- a landmark for millennia.
Gulls were everywhere.
A large gull kept coming up to our table, hoping we would give it some goodies. (We didn't.)
Up close, the Temple of Poseidon is even more impressive.
Another view of the Temple of Poseidon.
A short distance offshore was an island with a number of wind turbines on it.
The wind turbines didn't photograph too well. Here's a close-up of the turbines.
The Aegean Sea
We went back to the same taverna for dinner so that we could watch the setting sun bathe the Temple of Poseidon in an orange glow.
A great end to a great trip -- the Temple of Poseidon illuminated at night.

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