Friday, June 9, 2017


Sunday, 21 May 2017

We recently completed a two week tour of northern Greece, starting in Athens.

Our hotel is near the Acropolis. I guess I knew that “acropolis” meant “high city” but I didn’t realize that the Acropolis is  set on a high hill and has a striking resemblance to the hill forts of Rajasthan.
It was even more striking in the early morning glow ...
... and illuminated at night.
We took time for an afternoon walk around the Plaka and Anafiotika neighborhoods of central Athens.

As we got closer to the Acropolis in Anafiotkia, many of the streets became small sets of stairs.
Cats were everywhere. I liked the unusual pattern in the coat of this one.
Lykavittos Hill is a very visible landmark in Athens.
Metropoli, the cathedral of Athens is a “modern" (finished in 1862) structure.
Much like in Rome, ancient ruins are around every corner. This is the area around Hadrian’s Library. 

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