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Saturday, 27 May 2017

Metsovo is a very pretty mountain town that had the good fortune to have a native son philanthropist as a benefactor. The writer-politian Evangelos Averoff was another benefactor. As a result, Metsovo has avoided the decline of many similar towns and boasts good schools, museums, tavernas, and a winery.

The drive from Kalambaka to Metsovo through the Pindos Mountains takes about two hours.
This is a closer view of the church on top of the foreground hill in the preceding photo.
It's been a rainy week, and as we drove we were treated to a rainbow in the valley below us.
Metsovo has become something of a tourist town, even though tour buses find the narrow winding streets quite a challenge!
A small (one-pump) gas station is tucked into a traditional building.
The Archontiko Tositsa is an early 18th century mansion that was built around a spring so that it would have a convenient source of water.
Entry light in the Archontiko Tositsa
A view from an upper floor in the Archontiko Tostisa.
Metsovo has steep, narrow, winding streets.
A typical Metsovo window with lace curtain.
The citizens of Metsovo generally keep to old styles of dress.
Beautiful hens at the Katogi Averoff Winery.
Wine aging casks at the Katogi Averoff Winery.
Wine tasting.
The wine label. "Katogi" means "lower level", and this winery started in the basement of Evangelos Averoff's house in Metsovo. It has since moved into a dedicated building a short distance away.

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