Saturday, June 10, 2017

Meteora - Part 2 - Monasteries

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Now for a closer look at some of the monasteries.

Holy Trinity Monastery is only accessible via cable car (the white box near the center of the photo).
A chapel in St. Stephan's monastery. Most of the monasteries allow visitors in their gardens and large church ("Katholikon"), although photography is not allowed inside the churches or museums.
Courtyard in St. Stephan's Monastery.
A terraced garden just outside St. Stephan's.
Four monasteries: (left to right) St. Nicholas Anapafsas, Rousanou, Grand Meteora (Transfiguration), and Varlaam.
Grand Meteora Monastery
Varlaam Monastery
Varlaam Monastery
Sandstone cliff with the St. George hermitage/cave.
The St. George hermitage is filled with colorful headscarves on 23 April every year (St. George's Day) to ask St. George to look favorably upon the owners -- especially in matters of marriage and health. Read about the origin of this tradition here.

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