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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Today we drove from Kavala to Thessaloniki with stops at Philippi and Amphipolis.

Philippi was an important town in Greek, Roman, Christian, and Byzantine times.

The modern baptistry at Lydia, near Phillipi. St. Paul established the first Christian church in Europe at Philippi. Just behind me is the creek where Paul is thought to have performed baptisms.
The baptismal font is in the center of the chapel.
Modern mosaics in the arches.

The ruins at Philippi are a combination of Roman and early Christian structures.

The theater probably dates to the 4th century BCE, but it was extensively modified by the Romans. While we were there a school group was giving short performances in the space.
The town of Philippi, with the Forum in the foreground and a Christian basilica at either end. The Via Egnatia, a Roman road from Turkey to Albania, went through Philippi and helped make it an important regional center.
Basilica B (6th century) -- the third attempt to build a church in Philippi.
Mosaic floor in the "octagon" -- the earliest Christian complex in Philippi (4th century)
Remnants of column capital.
Another column capital
Goats and sheep were grazing in the hills above Philippi.

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